Cheap Tires in Syracuse, NY

Choosing the correct tires for your vehicle can be difficult, but Hooper’s Tire Outlet, located in Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY,  is here to educate you and help you select used and cheap tires that are a perfect match for your vehicle. The main factors you have to keep in mind when purchasing tires for your vehicle is tire size and tire type.



In your owner’s manual or in the door jamb of your driver’s side door, you will find the recommended tire measurements for your specific vehicle. You will see something like “P215/60R16 94T.” In a previous article we spoke about how to read the different markings on tires. Click here to see exactly what these markings mean. You should match the exact tire’s size requirements, but as far as the load index and speed rating, you have some flexibility.



As stated above, you do have some flexibility in the in the type of tire, whether it be all-season, summer, winter/snow, performance, etc. Here is a short list of common tire types:

  • All-season: Good all-weather grip and long mileage and commonly fit to mainstream cars and SUV’s.

  • Summer: Good for sports cars and performance sedans. They are similar to all-season, except they will not show “M&S” (Mud & Snow) on the sidewall of the tire.

  • Winter/Snow: Shows numerous treads and sipes and it easily identified by a mountain and snowflake symbol on the sidewall of the tire.

  • Performance: Good cornering grip and may not last very long depending on the amount of driving done.

Still unsure how to choose a used tire or what these markings mean? Our experts at Hooper’s Tire Outlet are here for all your tire needs. We offer used tires for an average of $45, which includes installation of the tire. You can’t beat that anywhere! Visit one of our locations in Rochester, NY or Syracuse, NY and shop our high quality, used and cheap tires!