Hello and thank you for visiting the Hooper's Used Tire Outlet blog. Here you will be able to read a little bit of history about our used tire company in Rochester, NY & Syracuse, NY, find out what motivates us, and ask general questions about our products and services. All of the posts and responses will be directly from myself, Daniel Hooper. 

Hooper's Used Tire Outlet first opened their doors to the public in 2010. Our discount used tire store began operating by only myself and my father, Daniel Hooper, Sr. Why open a used tire store you may ask? Well, simply put, we wanted a business that would help the environment and the local economy at the same time! We are decreasing the amount of tires that get sent to processing waste facilities and ensuring our customers that they are getting quality used tires that are still in great, safe, and useable condition. They are being put back on the road to carry out the use they were intended for. In that process, we are able to offer HUGE SAVINGS on discounted quality used tires to our customers! We are helping the environment by reducing waste and helping our beloved cities of Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY by offering used tires still in great condition for 50-80% less than the cost of brand new tires! 

We bring strong family values into our business, because well, we are family owned and operated! My father, Daniel Hooper, Sr., who helped me open the business in 2010 was always a hardworking man. He taught me to treat your customers like friends and family! That's what you'll get at Hooper's Used Tire Outlet. You are NOT just another number in our system. NOT just another dollar to be made. We value our customers and we are here to help you! Life can be tough at times and we all need a break once in a while. You are sure to find that break with our quality used tire prices, however, we will NEVER compromise our top-notched family oriented customer service!