Why buy used tires?

used tires in rochester, ny & syracuse, ny


Why is it time to replace your tires? No tread, need to pass inspection, new season, blisters and/or bulges? Whatever the reason may be, having old, worn down tires is dangerous. If you are reluctant to purchase used tires for any reason, keep reading. Hooper’s Tire Outlet is here to tell you the advantages to buying them! We are a friendly family run business full of a knowledgeable staff who can assist you in checking the quality of the tire with you before you purchase it so that you leave feeling comfortable and safe on the road. So why buy used?



It’s as simple as that. Why buy new when you can by like new? Let’s say you lease your vehicle and get a flat. Chances are you don’t want to spend your money on a new tire just to trade your car in within six months. What if you are trying to get the most value out of your car as possible and you need some tires in order for it to pass inspection? Save your money and buy cheap, quality used tires from Hooper’s Tire Outlet. We have a large selection of quality brand tires that are like new. Save an average of $80 per tire without sacrificing quality! 



Buying used tires is good for the environment because it is a form of recycling by extending the life of each tire we decrease the effects tires that will end up in a landfill. Tires are non biodegradable, this means used tires are not reused or recycled they will not decompose over time. It is estimated that 300 million tires are disposed of every year in the US alone! Nothing should go to waste, especially our quality used tires that all have 50-90% of their tread left. 



Got a flat and only need to replace one tire? Don’t buy a brand new set when we can assist you in matching your existing tires, maker, size and tread with a quality used tire. Saving you hundreds of dollars on tire and installation fees! Need help on figuring out what tire you need? Check out our Tire Size Guide for an easy step-by-step tutorial.

Before we bring used tires into our warehouse we extensively test and inspect them. We are a trusted dealer who will make the daunting task of finding used tires as easy as can be. Now that we have given you some advantages to buying tires used, come visit Hooper’s Tire Outlet located in Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY where we will help you find and install the perfect cheap tires...all for $45!*

*Average cost 


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