Cheap & Used Tires in Rochester, NY

At Hooper's Tire Outlet, we want our customers to be educated on the tires they are buying. We want to make sure that before you come in, we have the exact used tires you need in stock. You may have noticed that your tire has a number of letters, numbers, and codes. So what does it all mean? Here, we will discuss the common markings you may be wondering about.

1. Tire Class

Common letters you will see are P (passenger car), LT (light truck), ST (special trailer), or T (temporary).


2. Width of tire


3. Ratio of height to width

The picture above shows that the sidewall height is 65% of the 215 section width.


4. Type of tire

You will see R (radial), B (bias belt), or D (diagonal).


5. Rim Diameter Code or Wheel Diameter

Specifies the size (in inches) of the wheel that a tire fits. The picture above shows that the tire will fit a 15 inch wheel


6. Load Index & Speed Symbol

Load index indicates the maximum load carrying capacity of the tire.

Speed symbol indicates the maximum speed a tire can be driven on. You will see L, S, T, U, H, or V, ranging from 75 mph to 149 mph.


7. Driving Condition Allowed

M+S or M&S indicates mud & snow, commonly found on all-season tires.

M+T or M&T indicates mud & terrain, performs in mud or other terrain that requires additional traction such as rocks, loose gravel, or deep snow.


8. DOT Code

All tires in the U.S. have a DOT code which specifies company, factory, mold, batch, and date of production.


9. Tire Ply Composition & Materials Used

Plies are layers of rubber-coated parallel cords.


10. Tread wear, Traction, & Temperature Grades

Tread wear grade is a rating based on the wear of a tire when tested. It ranges from 100-700, with 700 being the best.

Traction grade is a rating based on the tire’s ability to stop a car on wet surfaces. It is rated AA, A, B, or C, with AA being the best

Temperature grade is a rating based on how well the tire dissipates heat. It is rated A, B, or C, with A being the best


11. Maximum Load Rating

Maximum weight the tire is designed to carry.


12. Maximum Inflation Pressure

The highest inflation pressure the tire is designed to contain.


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