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Know your stuff before you purchase quality used and cheap tires from either of our locations in Rochester, NY and Syracuse, NY. Many people may not know the difference between all-weather, 3-season, winter, and summer tires, or may think that all-weather tires are just that; good in all weather conditions. We are here to explain the difference to keep you safe on the road at all times!


All-weather tires

These typically don’t last as long, mainly because you aren’t switching them out to fit to specific weather conditions. All-weather tires should be used in milder winter conditions with heavy rain and snowfall that melts quickly. These tire perform well in any temperature. They do not perform well on wet ice and perform moderately well on rough ice and snow.


3-season tires

Three-season tires should be used in warm, dry, and mildly wet conditions. They perform best when the temperature is above 45°F. 3-season tires do not perform well in conditions that include ice and snow, and only perform at a moderate level in wet conditions. The surface of 3-season tires have a tread pattern which is designed to reduce noise and provide a comfortable ride during warmer temperatures. The reason 3-season tires are not ideal to use in the winter is because the tread the treads are not designed to handle that kind of weather. The snow and slush would clog the tread channels, making it dangerous on slippery roads.


Winter tires

Winter tires should be used in harsh winter conditions with lots of snow, ice, and freezing water on the road. They perform best in temperatures below 45°F and in areas with ice and snow. Winter tires are designed to stay soft in cold temperatures to help maintain grip on slippery roads. The surface of winter tires have holes which are filled with metal studs that grip roads covered in ice and push away slush when braking.


Summer tires

Summer tires are ideal for high performance vehicles and are designed for speed and agility. The tread patterns has less grooves because the rubber is what helps the tire keep contact with the road and more shallow treads for more stability.

If you are buying used tires from us, that means you live in or around Rochester, NY or Syracuse, NY. We recommend changing tires to match the weather, but be quick, the weather can change in the blink of an eye!

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