Common Questions when buying used tires

Cheap & Used Tires in Syracuse, NY and Rochester, NY

Winter tires are important for safe driving, especially when you live in Rochester, NY or Syracuse, NY. We get a lot of snow, ice, and sleet when the temperature drops. We will help keep you safe and are here to guide you through the process of purchasing your used tires in Rochester and Syracuse, NY.


Here are common questions people may have when shopping for used tires suitable for the winter months:


Do I need to buy winter tires if I have all-season tires?

If you already have all-season tires, there is no need to spend extra money on winter tires. We believe that both winter tires and all-season tires are suitable for winter weather like we get in Rochester and Syracuse, NY! 


What does the tread design look like for both winter and all-season tires?

Winter tires provide larger grooves between the blocks of tread. The tread blocks have irregular, sharp edges. Their deep treads allows for snow to stay in for a short period of time, giving the tread better contact with the road. When your tires rotate it eventually allows for the snow in the grooves to eject from the tread. All-season tires are designed to blend dry, wet, and wintertime traction while providing year round traction and handling. The tread on all-season tires are similar to winter tires, but do not have as deep of grooves as winter tires. They have a longer tread life and are more than capable of providing traction in the winter.


Do I need to buy four used snow tires or can I just buy two for the front?

YES! We aren’t just saying this to sell you two more used tires. When two wheels grip and two don’t, your vehicle can easily pinwheel out of control. ALWAYS buy four tires! Buying two will save you money for the time being, but will most likely cost more than that in the long run.


Can I buy snow chains instead of buying used snow tires? 

Snow chains fit to your tire to provide maximum traction when driving in snowy and icy conditions. Chains are mainly used with traveling in the mountains, but they are not made for driving on bare pavement or at high speeds. Chains should not be considered a substitute for winter tires.


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