Tire Dry Rot

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Have you ever heard of tire dry rot? Did you know that the tread of your tires can be in good condition, but your tire may need to be replaced for other reasons? Dry rot in tires can be identified by large cracks in the sidewall of the tire and continuing into the tread. Furthermore, your tire will be extremely dry and brittle and look faded in color. You may be familiar with dry rot in wood, commonly found in homes. The good news is that unlike dry rot in wood, caused by organic growth and with the ability to spread, dry rot in tires does not have this ability. The better news is that here at Hooper’s Tire Outlet in Rochester, NY we offer cheap yet high quality used tires!

What causes dry rot in tires?

  • Stagnation - if your car sits for a long period of time, the chances of acquiring dry rot is significantly higher
  • Excessive or direct sunlight - exposure to UV rays can be harmful to tires
  • Low temperatures - extremely low temperatures can be harsh on tires, increasing chances of dry rot
  • Underinflation - it’s important to keep your tires at proper inflation to minimize chances of dry rot
  • Abrasive or corrosive chemicals - such as pool treatment chemicals, motor oil, and industrial cleaning solutions

To overall decrease chances of dry rot in your tires some suggestions are to park your car in a parking garage when possible verses parking by a curb, to cover your car and tires completely if the temperatures are going to be extreme, and to park away from chemical laden areas whenever possible.

So what are you supposed to do when you find severe dry rot in your tires? It’s generally not safe to drive on tires with dry rot, as dry rot allows air to rapidly escape and makes it difficult to keep tires properly inflated. Tires with severe dry rot are much more likely to develop leaks, holes, and blow outs. You may be able to get away with quick short distance driving around town, however long distance driving will cause the tires to heat up and as a result the tires will start to shred as you are driving. It’s important that once you identify dry rot in your tires you get it fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, advanced dry rot can not be repaired. Fortunately, we have the solution here at Hooper’s Tire Outlet in Rochester, NY – quality used tires.

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Tire Service Pricing -  Hooper’s Tire Outlet in Rochester, NY

Plug $15 | Patch $30 | Rim Seal $25

Valve Stem (Non Tpms) $15 or $5 with Tire Purchase

Tire Mounting $10 (Customer Supplied Tires)

Tire Balancing $10 (Customer Supplied Tires)

Mounting & Balancing $20 (Customer Supplied Tires)

4 Tire Rotation $20