Used Tires rochester, nY

It happens to the best of us- you run up on a curb or hit a massive pothole and you damage a tire… or two. We know that life gets in the way and replacing tires can be a costly event. Instead of spending an arm and a leg on new tires from the dealer, come to Hooper’s Tire Outlet for quality used tires in Rochester, NY.


Concerned about the safety of used tires? No need to be! We make sure our professionals analyze all of our used tire stock to ensure that they have 50-90% of the tread left and that there are no other issues that would put you at risk. Your safety is the top priority on our list so we would never steer you in the wrong direction. The next most important thing on our list is saving you time and money. On average, the used tire price is only $45 installed and we work quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to waste valuable time sitting in a waiting room all day.


Not sure if you need to replace your tires? Call us today so we can evaluate your tires and give you our professional advice on what steps to take. You can also use this guide to see if there is a problem with your tire(s) that is putting you at danger and needs to be replaced.


Common tire problems Include:

  • Cracking and Bulging: This is usually the outcome of hitting a curb, pothole, or other object in the road. A bulge or a crack in your tire from over-inflation or under-inflation can be very dangerous! Make sure to never touch a tire bulge or crack and bring your car in ASAP to avoid any other damages to your car or yourself.
  • Cupping (AKA Scalloping): This is the result of poor suspension components which causes your tires to bounce while you’re driving instead of being smooth. There becomes more pressure on certain parts of the tire than on others, resulting in a scalloped look to your tire. This could also potentially be very dangerous and should be replaced immediately. 
  • Feathering: In most cases, if the car’s alignment is off, feathering occurs. In order to know if your tires are feathered, you will see that the treat is worn down more on one side and is much higher on the other side. Traction is a huge issue here and especially during the rainy and snowy seasons, you do not want to risk keeping feathered tires on your car.


We understand the thought of paying for replacement tires, even though necessary for your safety, can be a stressful thought. How can I possibly afford this right now? How do I know if I should actually replace my tires? How long can I really go before I have to get this taken care of? Leave the stress at home and come to Hooper’s Tires to get our professional advice and in the end, save you tons of time and money with the largest selection of used tires in Rochester, NY.


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