Summer is the season for long road trips with friends and family. While most people concern themselves with traveling logistics, many forget to check if their tires are up for the job. With Hooper’s Outlet, we can provide quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY to ensure you and your family arrive safely and comfortably to all your destinations. If you are going 50 miles or 1000 miles away, we can help.

Tire Considerations

Before leaving for your next adventure, there a few markings that reflect the quality and durability of your tires. Common ones to pay attention before traveling are:

Tire Class: This identifies what type of vehicle your tires are designed for. If you are driving a passenger car it will be marked with “P”, for a light truck “LT”, special trailer “ST”, or a temporary tire it will be “T”. Make sure your vehicle has the appropriate tire class.

Load Index and Speed Symbol: Load Index indicates the maximum load carrying capacity of the tire. Before packing, understand the limits of your tires and pack accordingly. Very rarely will anyone reach the maximum load carrying capacity but it’s always good to check. The speed symbol reflects how fast the tires can drive safely for you and your passengers. For tires that can go from 75 mph to 149 mph, there will be a mark with either the letter “L’, “S”, “T”, “U”, “H”, or “V”.

Driving Conditions: Based on where you are traveling this summer it’s advised to understand what conditions you will be facing. Not all roads will be paved and you could experience loose gravel, rocks, sand, and mud. If your tires can handle muddy and snowing conditions it will be marked with “M+S” or “M&S”. These are generally very useful for all seasons, especially for Rochester’s winters. For mud and rockier terrains, your tires will be marked with either “M+T” or M&T”.

Tire Options

If your tires are in need of a repair or to be replaced entirely before the big trip, Hooper’s Outlet is dedicated to delivering quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY. Our staff is dedicated to helping you choose the best tires from used to new. If your tires just need a repair, we have lots of services to keep your tires driving for years. With plenty of services and options, let Hooper’s Outlet provide you with quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY before your next trip!

How to Purchase

Without compromising quality and safety, Hooper’s Outlet delivers quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY for you and your family. You can visit our website to learn more or visit our location in Rochester. If you are looking for a spare, to repair, or a full new set for your road trip, let Hooper’s Outlet take care of all your tires needs. Act now and you can receive $10 off a $100 purchase or $5 off any purchase less than $100! Go to our website to learn more.