Potholes – everyone has seen them while driving on the road, and you probably just roll over them, brace for the bump, and continue on your way. Most potholes result from rain and water getting under the road, which causes it to crack and form weak areas in the road. While they may be unpleasant, potholes have the potential to damage your vehicle, and should be avoided when possible. At Hooper’s Tire Outlet, we care about your tires. Our experts can provide quality cheap new and used tires in Rochester, NY to meet your needs if your tires are ever damaged by a pothole. Here are a few reasons why you should be avoiding potholes for the sake of your tires, and how you can safely handle them if you come across them on your drive.

Maneuvering Potholes

If you see a pothole while you’re driving, it’s best to steer clear of it in a safe manner so that your tires don’t take the impact. Making sure to maintain caution when approaching a pothole and ensuring that no other vehicles are nearby will allow you to safely stay clear from touching the pothole. At Hooper’s Tire Outlet, we recommend that you check that your tires are properly inflated when you drive – a tire that is under-inflated has more potential to be damaged by a pothole on impact. Our staff can answer any questions you may have regarding having a proper amount of air in your tires, and can help you find the right new or used tires in Rochester, NY for a cheap price.


Potential Damage

Any time you go over a pothole, you are allowing your car’s tires to get bumped around. Here are a few ways that potholes can cause damage to your vehicle:

  • Deflated or cracked tires – the impact forced onto your tires from a pothole can cause them to wear more easily, which can lead to cracks in your tire or causing it to deflate.

  • Skewed tire alignment – Sometimes the impact from a pothole can cause your vehicle’s tire alignment to be disrupted. This would cause you to have problems when driving and handling your vehicle. Potholes can also damage your car’s suspension due to jostling your car around.

  • If you notice issues like cracked or deflated tires, fluid leaks, or vehicle handling problems when driving, contact our experts at Hooper’s Tire Outlet, who can help you to find cheap new and used tires in Rochester, NY.

Not everyone realizes that driving over potholes can have an impact on your tires’ and vehicle’s health. Steering clear of potholes and checking your tires each month can help you to keep up with your tires and make sure that they haven’t been damaged by a pothole. If you are in need of a new tire because of a pothole incident, visit Hooper’s Tire Outlet where we can answer any questions you may have and help you to find new or used tires in Rochester, NY and get you back on the road… just stay away from the potholes, please.