We are known for our quality cheap tires in Rochester NY but did you know we offer a variety of other services as well? At Hooper’s Tire Outlet, we are all about tires and everything to do with tires, which is why we offer valve stem replacements. We know not everyone is as well versed in tires as we are, but we value our customers and want to make you are aware of this very important part of tire care. 

What is a valve stem?

A valve stem is a self-contained valve that opens to let air in the chamber of the tire. It opens once an air pump is pushed in and automatically closes immediately following the removal of the pump. It seals whatever air has gotten inside, preserving the pressure of the tire. They are most commonly used in automobile, motorcycle, and bicycle tires. A Schrader valve, which is a type of valve stem, is the most common valve used on automobile tires. They are valve stems that are attached to poppet valves with a spring threaded through them so that they close automatically to preserve optimal tire pressure. 

How do I know if my valve stem needs to be replaced? 

It can be tricky to identify a leak in your valve stem. It will have all the symptoms of a flat tire, which could lead you to googling quality cheap tires in Rochester NY, but get your tires checked for holes first! It is possible you could have a hole in your tire. But if they have no leaks, you could be dealing with a valve stem leak. A valve stem leak would act just as a hole would, slowly letting air loose through the base or valve body. Leaks in the valve stem could happen for a vast amount of reasons, but the main reason up here is from road chemicals and corrosion. 

Where do I get them?

It’s funny you asked. Replacing valve stems is one of the other various services we provide, besides our incredible deals and services with quality cheap tires in Rochester NY, of course. If you are looking to be preventative for the future, we also offer valve stems with TPMS. TPMS is a tire pressure monitor system, which works with your valve to monitor the pressure of your tire, so you know when it is a leak in your tire or valve stem. We can match you up with the right valve stem replacement for your tire in either of our locations. 

How much does it cost?

The valve stem itself is fairly inexpensive, but trying to do it yourself can be personally costing. At Hooper’s Tire Outlet, you can purchase the valve stem and have it replaced at our shop for only $15. And, with the purchase of any of our quality cheap tires in Rochester NY, we will replace the valve for you for only $5. Valve stems with TPMS installations are merely $30 or $25 with any tire purchase. You can also get a free sensor scan with our installation services. We pride ourselves on providing quality service to all our customers and hope we can do the same for you!

Do I need to get new tires if my valve stem breaks?

No! Valve stems can be a fairly easy repair to your tires, especially if that is the only problem with them. But feel free to check out our quality cheap tires in Rochester NY at Hooper’s Tire Outlet anytime! We are more than happy to help you find the best deal for your tires today!