The weather around here has been giving us little tastes of spring, though for the moment it’s probably smart to stick with you winter tires for a few more weeks. But when the temperature starts to rise in the beginning of April, it’ll be time to switch back to your summer or all-season tires. At Hooper’s we offer cheap tires in Rochester, NY and have the tires you need for the warmer weather that’s on the way!


Winter Tires:

Winter tires should be used in harsh winter conditions with lots of snow, ice, and freezing water on the road. They perform best in temperatures below 45 degrees and in areas with ice and snow. Winter tires are designed to stay soft in cold temperatures to help maintain grip on slippery roads. The surface of winter tires have holes which are filled with metal studs that grip roads covered in ice and push away slush when braking.

3-Season Tires:

3-season tires should be used in warm, dry, and mildly wet conditions. They perform best when the temperature is above 45 degrees. 3-season tires do not perform well in conditions that include ice and snow and only perform at a moderate level in wet conditions. The surface of 3-season tires has a tread pattern which is designed to reduce noise and provide a comfortable ride during warmer temperatures. 3-season tires are not ideal to use in the winter is because the treads are not designed to handle that kind of weather. The snow and slush would clog the tread channels, making it dangerous on slippery roads.

When to Switch:

As mentioned, winter tires are designed for low temperatures and snowy/icy weather while 3-season are not. The safest bet for switching your tires is after the temperatures have consistently reached 45 degrees or above. In upstate New York, this time generally comes around early April and is a good time to start thinking about making the switch. It is important to be aware of the weather to ensure that you aren’t taking off your winter tires too soon and driving in inclement weather, but also that you aren’t switching them too late and wearing them down! When properly taken care of winter tires can last up to 4 seasons so make sure you use and store them properly.

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