Tires are one of the most important safety features on our cars. Tires affect our acceleration, cornering, fuel economy and our overall control of the car. Quite often we don’t pay attention to the health of our tires until it’s too late and the tires are failing on us, but it is essential to maintain good tires to ensure your car is operating as smoothly as possible. When it’s time to get some tires for your car come to Hoopers where we provide quality used tires in Rochester, NY! Below are 4 of our best tire purchasing tips to help your tire buying process go smoothly.



1. Make sure you actually need new tires


Perform a quick visual inspection. Check for excessive tread wear, cracked sidewalls, or any discoloration or bulging. If your tires have any of these descriptors - it’s time! If your tires don’t meet any of this criteria and are not giving you any issues it may not be time yet to replace.


2. Check the condition of your car


Based on your tires condition you can also get a good idea about the condition of your car and its performance. By inspecting your tires for signs of things like uneven wear you can get a good idea of if your car has suspension or alignment issues. If you don’t check for this and put new tires on an unaligned car, your tires will wear quickly and unevenly, leaving you with nothing but wasted money and a trip back to get more tires. Luckily, most tire mechanics will inspect all of these things for you, but it wouldn’t hurt to check yourself too and have a good understanding of what’s going on with your car.


3. Check your spare


Don’t forget about your spare tire! A great time to have your spare inspected is when you’re replacing all of your other tires. Check the condition of your spare tire and if it needs replacing, don’t hesitate. You’ll want a functioning spare if the time comes that you need it.


4. Maintain your cars new tires


Check the condition and inflation of your tires regularly. Ensuring that your tires are properly inflated will improve your gas mileage and increase the longevity of the tires as well.

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