1. The Penny Test

Have a feeling that your tire tread may be too low? Then it’s time for the penny test. To effectively measure tire tread depth, you first need to position the penny correctly. Place a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you into the shallowest groove on your tire. With your penny in the tire tread, what do you see? If you can not see any part of Lincoln's head between the top of his hair and nose, then your tire tread depth is OK. But if you can see all of Lincoln’s head including all of his hair, then this means your tire treads are too shallow, worn and have 2/32nds or less tread remaining.

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2. Treadwear Patterns

Uneven tread wear caused by over or under-inflation can significantly increase the risk of a flat tire. If the center of your tires is more worn than the edges — or vice versa — you could benefit from a new set of quality used tires in Rochester, NY. Tire wear in the middle of your tire indicates there is too much air pressure in the tire.  

3. Cracks

Most of us have never thought of tires this way, being stretched over and over as they roll through their life. Your tires are exposed to heat, snow, rain, potholes, and anything else that happens to end up on the road. Exposure to the elements will cause rubber to lose elasticity which allows cracks to appear. The sidewall of the tire facing outward will show the most damage, so make sure you periodically check your tires for any signs of cracking. At Hooper’s Tire Outlet we give you the quality used tires in Rochester, NY that are road ready and tested. 

4. Bulges

When you inspect for cracks and cuts, look for bulges or blisters as well. When looking at your tire, you will see a bubble on the sidewall. This is caused by air leaking from the inside of the tire from impact damage. To avoid a hazardous blowout or an inconvenient flat, make an appointment at Hooper’s for a quality used tire in Rochester, NY for a replacement immediately. 

5. Vibrations

If your car is shaking around 50 mph or higher, it usually means your tires are out of balance. Another cause is low tire pressure which not only causes vibrations but can lead to poor fuel mileage and excessive tire wear. Low tire pressure is common in winter months due to colder temperatures, so make a point to check pressure and even raise tire pressure 3psi.

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