A flat tire can happen out of nowhere and ruin your day or week. Tire problems cost you time and money, but there are some routine checks you can do to help keep you on the road with no tire issues. At Hooper’s Tire Outlet we provide the best quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY that have been inspected by our tire experts.

Checking Tire Pressure

The PSI (pounds of pressure per square inch) of your tires vary depending on the type of tire you have. The owner manual for your car will have the recommended PSI for stock tires, usually from 30 - 35 PSI. Tires can lose up to 1 PSI every month so you’ll want to make sure you have a tire gauge to consistently check PSI. If you need to add air to any of your tires, gas station have air pumps or you can purchase a small portable pump for around $20.

Checking Your Tread

With your PSI all squared away you’re helping to prevent uneven wear on your tire tread. But eventually the tread will wear down, and there’s an easy trick to test if you need new tires. To effectively measure tire tread depth, you first need to position the penny correctly. Place a penny with Lincoln’s head upside down and facing you into the shallowest groove on your tire. If you can not see any part of Lincoln's head between the top of his hair and nose, then your tire tread depth is OK. But if you can see all of Lincoln’s head including all of his hair, then this means your tire treads are too shallow, worn and have 2/32nds or less tread remaining.

Checking Your Sidewalls

So your tire pressure and tread wear have been checked, you’re almost done with some great maintenance on your tires! The third step of your tire maintenance should be inspecting the side of your tires. You want to look for cracks, spots that look more worn down, and damage to the wheel rims. If you do notice damage, this could be cause by poor alignment. If you see a crack, it’s time to get a quality cheap tire in Rochester, NY from Hooper’s Tire Outlet because cracks are a leading cause of blowouts.

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