With the holiday season and Black Friday approaching, there are many things I’d prefer to buy than a new set of tires. If a new set of tires is at the top of your list, Hooper’s Tire Outlet can help you save money for the holidays by hooking you up with quality cheap ties in Rochester, NY. Here is a quick guide to finding, buying, and maintaining your new quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY.

You probably need to answer the question, do I need new tires?  First thing to do is check the tread on your current set of tires. You can measure tread depth using an old penny or by looking at the tread wear indicators built into most tires. The indicator is a bar located at the bottom of tread grooves in several places on the tire. If you can easily see these bars, your tread is worn down to less than 2/32 of an inch. You’re officially in the market for new tires.

Next step is to choose a place to buy your new set of tires. One option is the car dealer, but they are often the most expensive. You will have better luck with a local tire retailer like Hooper’s Tire Outlet in Rochester and Syracuse. Always check for promotions and coupons going on in your area. Tire sellers will often run specials on mounting, balancing, and rotating tires when you purchase a new set of tires from their location. Shop the best selection of quality cheap tires in Syracuse, NY at Hooper’s Tire Outlet.

Third step you’ll take is selecting the right size tire. Most tires are branded with a number that tells you about the specific tire. For example, P195/70R15 43H M+S, shows you the type, width, aspect ratio, diameter, tire speed rating, and indicates the tire is an all-season tire. Most of us don’t know what those numbers represent and don’t want to make flashcards to memorize them! The good news is that at Hooper’s Tire Outlet we offer our friendly expertise that helps you select the best quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY for your car.

There’s a few factors to consider before making the decision to buy new tires, and those would be weather conditions and your driving habits. Since we live in Western, NY all-season or winter tires make the most sense. And for your driving habits and/or personal preference, do you want high-speed performance, a comfortable ride, traction in snow, or the ability to carry heavy loads? Our tire experts in both Rochester and Syracuse will be able to set you up with quality cheap tires that will meet your price and preferences.

Once you purchase your perfect set of quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY don’t forget to protect your investment. Regular maintenance is key, so check your tire pressure and fit time in for tire rotations, wheel alignments, and tire balancing.