Winter weather here in Western NY can bring a large fluctuation in temperatures between day and night. These changes in temperature can cause your tires to lose pressure as the air inside them expands and contracts. This triggers the “Check Tire Pressure” light on your dashboard. This light is known as the TPMS, or Tire-Pressure Monitoring System. This can cause a surprisingly loud beeping in your car while driving, and you start panicking. However, there is no need to panic. The light does not necessarily mean your tires are leaking or that there’s a serious issue. Shop the best selection of quality used tires in Rochester, NY at Hooper’s Tire Outlet.

Temperature levels change often within your tires the same as air pressure. For example when you’re driving at higher speeds for an extended period of time, the tire warms up causing the air to expand which then increases the air pressure. In the morning the air temperature is just rising from overnight lows, and your tires are still cold. More than likely, the pressure is just below the threshold for the light to be activated. Once you start driving and the tires heat up, pushing the pressure above the threshold, the light should go out. Our experts at Hooper’s Tire Outlet are here to keep you safe when you purchase quality used tires from us in Rochester, NY. We will gladly answer any questions you have regarding your tire pressure and help with any of your used tire needs!

If the light remains off for the rest of the day, it’s because the air temperature is warm enough to keep the pressure above the threshold. Even if the light goes off quickly, you still may need to add air to your tires since the pressure might be close to the borderline of the recommended inflation level. If your light stays on, you will definitely want to add air to your tires and check for a possible flat. If you are still losing air, visit our shop for the best selection of quality used tires in Rochester, NY to replace your tire for the best price.

Checking your tire pressure and adding air is a simple task, but you must have the proper equipment. To check the pressure, you will need a pressure gauge. Compare the pressure in your tires to your owner’s manual or the sticker on the door jamb of your car and add air accordingly.

For any questions or tips, feel free to come by our shop. We have the equipment and knowledge necessary to ensure your tires are properly inflated. At Hooper’s Tire Outlet we offer our friendly expertise that helps you select the best quality used tires in Rochester, NY for your car.