Cheap Tires in Rochester, NY & Syracuse, NY

Tire problems are very common with cars, and can often cause a safety hazard. Check out some of the common issues that can occur with your tires below. If you are experiencing any issues with your tires, Hooper’s Tire Outlet can provide you quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY.

Issue #1: Center Wear

Does your tire look worn only down the middle? This is caused by your tire being overinflated, causing only the center ring to connect with the road. To correct tire pressure, check your owner’s manual to see what the correct tire pressure for your vehicle is. Make sure to check the tire pressure before you begin driving, and assure not to overinflate your tires. If your tires are properly inflated and you still see center wear, this could mean your wheel and tire are not properly matched. At Hooper’s Tire Outlet, we sell quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY and can assure your wheel and tires are properly matched to avoid center wear.

Issue #2: Cracking and Bulging

Cracking and Bulging are very common issues with tires. This usually occurs when you hit a pothole, curb, or debris. Underinflation or over inflation of tires also at a greater risk for cracking and bulging. Numerous cracks also can come from age and exposure to the elements. Bulging is caused internal damage to the tire. When severe cracking and bulging occur, a tire replacement is necessary. We can provide cheap tire replacements in Rochester, NY for any cracking or bulging that may occur.

Issue #3: Outer-Edge Wear

If the inside and outside edges are worn down, but the middle is not, your tire has outer-edge wear. This is caused by underinflation. Having too little pressure in your tire is one of the most dangerous conditions on the road, as the heat can build-up and could cause a blowout. Underinflation can also knock your car out of alignment or damage the suspension. To avoid this problem, check your tire pressure monthly. Don’t rely on your car’s tire pressure monitoring system to inform you when your air is low. If your outer-edge wear requires a new tire to be put on your car, our experts can provide you cheap tires in Rochester, NY.

Issue #4: Flat Spots

Is there one spot on your tire that looks more worn down than the rest? This is a flat spot, most often caused by a driver skidding. This can also happen in cars that have been sitting for extended periods of time. This is especially prone to happening if the tire is sitting in gasoline or antifreeze. This causes your tire to be misshapen and unsafe to drive on. If you notice flat spots on your tires, our shop in Rochester, NY can provide you quality used tires for cheap prices!

Tire problems can be extremely dangerous to your car and your driving. Make sure to check your tires monthly to avoid any inflation problems that may arise. If your tire problems become severe, visit us at Hooper’s Tire Outlet in Rochester, NY, and let us provide you quality cheap tires today!