Everyone here in Rochester, NY hates one thing, and that’s all of the potholes that pop up and wreck our car for the moment. Although most us know driving over potholes is bad for our vehicles, very few know exactly why. Most of us don’t have to deal with a flat tire, but other problems are caused that are less noticeable. These are the parts of your vehicle you should be worried about if you accidentally drive over a pothole. If you do need a new tire, shop the best selection of quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY at Hooper’s Tire Outlet.

Steering System

When you hit a pothole, you risk misaligning your steering system. If you have noticed your vehicle pulling to the left or right while you are trying to go straight, a misaligned steering system is the likely cause. Other signs include uneven tire wear, squealing tires, or a crooked steering wheel while driving straight.


Potholes can damage your tires by resulting in punctures, bulging sidewalls, and excessive wear. If you notice damage to your tires after hitting a pothole, get it checked out at Hooper’s Tire outlet before it blows out. If you do need a new tire, we sell quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY that are backed by our tire experts.


Most vehicles are equipped with aluminum rims, which can suffer from dents if you hit a pothole hard enough. Bent or dented rims are bad news for your car, so be sure to have your rims checked out after hitting a particularly bad pothole.


Did you know hitting a pothole can puncture parts beneath your vehicle or even damage your exhaust system? If your exhaust is making strange noises or your car is leaking fluids, let your mechanic know and have the issue inspected as soon as possible.


Another common issue after driving over a pothole is damage to your suspension and brake parts. One big hit can break a spring, shock absorber, ball joint or blow a strut.

Clearly, potholes can cause some serious damage to your vehicle. At Hooper’s, we see damaged tires from potholes all the time, and we have a large inventory of quality cheap tires in Rochester, NY to get you a replacement tire.

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